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What is Gepetto ?

Gepetto is a program designed to help you to remind choreographies. As you have probably experienced, it is difficult to remember a routine after some time. Even if you have written down some notes, reading them some time later is not easy.

In fact, the best way to remind is to visualize it.

Without giving you the professional quality level of well-known animation programs, Gepetto will help you to record your movements in order to be able to review them later.

Why this name ?

Gepetto was chosen in reference to the children's tale Pinnochio. The old man named Gepetto was designing puppets and trying to given them some life. With this program, you will more or less do the same : trying to give life to some characters on your screen.

What is Gepetto good at ?

Initially, the program was done with (ballroom) dance in mind. The basic idea is to be able to build some choregraphy using basic figures. You can store in a library all the figures you have already recorded, and then, build more complex variations just putting them one after an other.

However, the program is versatile enough to be used for other kind of movement recording. For example, one can think of martial arts and the need to record the choregraphy of fights, ...


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