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This software was designed to manage dances competitions.

The main features are :
        quick definition of the couples and judges
        automatic or manual round arrangement
        very easy and intuitive to use
        handles direct elimination, ranking and second chance
        support for ten-dances style competition
        lots of reports generation
        directly generates a Web site with the results
        printing of pre-filled sheet to help the judges' marking
        automatic management of heats
        summaries with all the mark and results in one table
        control with mouse or keyboard
        all the competition for one event are saved in one file
        judges' panels
        dances templates
        fully configurable by the user

This software implements the Skating System as defined internationnaly to mark and rank ballroom and latines dances competitions.


For any questions/suggestions, please visit the forum here


Copyright © 2000-2001 Laurent Riesterer.
Last modified on Oct 21, 2001.